VILLAGES ON MOVE BALTIC on the road - #healthyandhappy part 2

Hello everybody,

firstly, I would like to promise you, that next time I will try my best to write my blog in Finnish, but for this time I would like to keep it international, since I will tell you all about Etelä-Savon Liikunta upcoming Baltic tour.

Last time I told you that ESLi is one of the partners in the international project Villages on move Baltic. Since that time, many things have happened, we kept on working hard following our goals and objectives.

In last few months we have implemented around 30 new different activities for our participants. We played mölkky with refugees and immigrants, we have joined international floorball tournament, invented some Pokemon activities for our “kerholaiset”, we have been dancing with our seniors from local päiväkeskus and visited 8 school in Etelä-Savo area (from Enonkoski to Haukivuori) with our frisbee-golf tour.

Girls from Joroinen lukio joined around Frisbee-golf tour / Haukivuori Satama

Very busy, but amazing. I am so happy that idea of motivating people and challenging them to produce own ideas for physical activities and then testing those activities, that are becoming part of everyday life for our participants.

There has been going on a lot, also in our partners countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark). In March I have visited Estonian partners university and prepared workshops for the students. They became motivated for action and they have found refugee center and they will implement activities there. It is always motivating to see good results, that produces even more new ideas.

Workshop in Rakvere, Estonia

International cooperation is very important, because it is a great way of learning new perspectives and sharing knowledge and cultural differences. Villages on move Baltic are preparing big Village tour between 10.05.2018 and 18.05.2018 we are going to visit 4 countries and joined different sport events with sharing project ideas and vision.

Preparations for Baltic tour are in full swing, we are arranging all the this by ourselves. Planning the trip, finding best accommodation options, checking the sport equipment, packing, planning. There is going to be 7 project staff joining the tour, and around 30 students from 7 different countries. It is great opportunity for students practical learning and Villages on move project is popular for interns from different areas, but it actually joins so many different perspectives (Health science, social studies, sport studies, community education, innovative management…)


Our Baltic tour route


Everybody Is really looking forward to start the tour – I will not go into details, but I can tell you that our first stop is in Kaunas (Lithuania).

2000km, 4 countries, 4 sport events, 40 people, sportti vaunu and Etelä-Savon Liikunta

In next blog I will tell you all about the Baltic tour and our adventure. If you cannot wait that long, you can follow our journey on Facebook (Villages on move Baltic) or Instragram (@villagesonmove)

And if you would like to meet our international crew – meet us at Linnanneitokierros in Savolina on 17.05.2018!


Petra Muraus

Human resources, M.Sc.

Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry