VILLAGES ON MOVE BALTIC on the road - #healthyandhappy part 4


Villages on the move Baltic project is entering into final months. With Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian partners we are now planning different strategies on how to present and disseminate project results. If we go back to the start we have had many different goals to achieve during the project. Using culture of experimentation, develop different sport, hobby and activity ideas during idea competitions, all in all make villages around Baltic to move 😊

During last months we have visited different countries and villages with our ideas and at the same time tried to learn from local people and motivate them to move more. People often think that doing sport or being active is going to run, playing tennis or visiting gym. But being active is much more than that. If person who was never active, thinks that way it is going to be hard to just go and run 5km, so we need to start from very early age to educate kids and youngsters about active lifestyle.

During idea competitions with kids and youngsters we collected amazing ideas on how they can spend their free time with their families actively. For example: Pokemon GO without phone was one of the ideas, that can bring whole family together and spend an active afternoon.

Do you want to try other ideas or visit / participate in different sport events? Please visit our web page:, on the page you can find section map, where you can soon find 500 ideas and events in Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Denmark.

There is something for everyone, also for teachers and other professionals, who want to try different games with their pupils. Next to every activity and event, you can find contact information, so if you have any question you can always get an answer.

Another thing I wanted to mention today, is opportunity for our students from very different fields. Future health professionals, social workers, community educators, business and innovation professionals, got opportunity to be part of this project and got an amazing learning experience for the future. I want to share short impression from one of our students, who is studying to be community educator (experience from Baltic tour with Villages on move Baltic project):


“In this tour to Baltic we visited amazing visiting points, inspired people in activities and even got to participate in some. It was one of the best learning experience about sports and activating for me. I learned lot about project work, planning and guiding but the best experience was to be inspired by the societies who are doing these activities to help people to improve their lifestyle and see how they work in practice. The happiness and the wellbeing of the people are good reminder why we are doing this and it surely confirm that I'm in the right path by studying as a community educator. "

Leena Purhonen, University of applied science, Mikkeli, Finland

And again, this is why we are doing this, to inspire, to integrate, to learn, to share, to activate and to give something back to society.

Looking forward for the next blog, where I will be able to share our final experience from our final seminar in Lithuania, that is going to take place in November.

Till then, go to our web page and test some ideas, I promise you are going to have fun!

Petra Muraus

Human resources, M.Sc.

Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry