VILLAGES ON MOVE BALTIC - #healthyandhappy

Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry is one of the partners in the international project Villages on move Baltic. The project idea is to promote healthy lifestyle and encourage people from villages around Baltic sea to produce their own ideas for physical activities.

How it works? With Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuania partners we are touring around villages and collecting different ideas from local people. Collected ideas will form idea bank, available for all, also after the project:

At ESLi we have implemented already around 60 small events and actions, with kids, youngsters, immigrants, refugees, seniors and families. We are all about the action. We would like to encourage all people, regarding age or shape to participate and challenge them to create their own ideas, like SaimaaSwimRun.

We have close cooperation with Esedu, where immigrants and refugees are visiting integration course, learning about Finnish culture and language. But we diced to took this to different level and encourage them to learn through physical activities and active participation.

Imagine…you have never played basketball or football? Yes, it is really hard to imagine, but this is reality for many people. One of our main goal, while working with immigrants and refugees is not just to make them physically active, but social inclusion and integration into new environment.

We challenged them to give the ideas for physical activities, they can also practice in their free time with their families. After we test this ideas; from floorball to Nordic walk, visiting gym and picking up berries during Finnish summer. You should see their faces and gratitude. But this is not why, we do that. We want them, as equal part in our society #healthyandhappy.

Results, are motivating us to keep going. To keep fighting for equality through joy of sports and healthy lifestyle. Our participants are becoming members in local gym, taking their kids outdoors, to actively spend their free time. They are asking us to organize new activities and challenging themselves to find new opportunities for the future.

If you would like to take part in Villages on move Baltic, find us on Facebook or Instagram. Write an email to: petra.muraus(at) and remember to challenge yourselves for healthy and active future!


Good luck,

Petra Muraus

Human resources, M.Sc.

Etelä-Savon Liikunta ry